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Ami Xi ONLINE books main website : Info, features, titles and more www,

Ami Xi ONLINE books main website : Info, features, titles and more www, Imagine the love of your life turns out to be a homicidal killer.

On your honeymoon and you end up thrown overboard to drown, get eaten by sharks or?

Meanwhile the (ex) has reported his loss, distraught and fully in acting mode to convince the authorities, with a witness he has bribed of what transpired with reporting that you were drunk and fell overboard?

Despite a desperate attempt to rescue you, you disappear beneath the waves, gone forever, how will he ever survive your loss.

Ah perhaps heading back to Shanghai to lock down your fortune, your estate; your money before he heads out to the Philippines.

There he will start his own business and establish his mark on others to control them to his biding, legal or otherwise to add to his fortune.

As for you? Believed dead and the local authorities waiting for news beit your body or something to tell them you are definitely history?

The drink you had to toast your happiness following your marriage unknown to you contains a drug to leave you semi paralyzed.  As your body hits the water you react momentarily with the shock of what has happened having seen him throw you overboard; forever fixed in your minds eye you will never forget that look on his face or the knowledge of what he said as he did it.

Seconds later you are unable to move, just sink. Your life, albeit brief; flashing before your eyes and the terror, the fear as your life ebbs away.

The Englishman. Ah yes. Testing some new diving gear and now seeing the shadowy outline of a body floating down towards him? What the might spring to his mind as he drifts up towards you and realizes something is badly wrong.

The shape of a boat fast moving off away from you as he surfaces with your head above the water and he is taking, not to you but to someone using a special communication device attached to his diving kit.

It seems a lot longer than it actually takes for a speed boat to arrive and hands reach out to help you aboard with him following. To a land spot a short distance from his house.
Soon in the house his sister is fussing over you, checking you to make sure you are breathing and more she is concerned because you appear OK breathing wise and pulse is good BUT you are not responding, still unconscious?

Pupils dilated and ? “I think she’s been drugged.” followed by an urgent call to a doctor friend in an adjacent villa. It would take some weeks before you would become conscious.
Unfortunately you have amnesia, something the doctor friend reassures you is quite common after such trauma.

It would take 5 years with David the Englishman who rescued you. your hero, before you can remember everything all too clearly. So the ex abandoned you, in short attempted to murder you and for what? Your money, your stocks and shares are gone. You are in short; penniless.

David would soon uncover all from contacts abroad in businesses he worked with including the Philippines what happened to your fortune. Your father is aware of how you were, unconscious and after that left in the capable hands of David’s sister Rachel staying in contact with him to update him on your ongoing health et.

The marriage was against your father’s wishes, thus the failure of it and the inevitable ‘I told you so, I warned you’ was to be expected and yet; never came. What followed was an hour with a conference call, your father, David, your sister and her husband with two other business owners vowing to give you payback.

Revenge. To take away all that had been taken from you,. from him. To bring him to his knees in the most cruel, most divisive and contrived form possible to ensure his downfall. Just as you were left drowning in debt? So would he. To be continued

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Ami Xi  Online writer.