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Ami Xi Wu Knows online book web Ami Xi Wu Knows online book web

Xi Wu is a female Hong Kong detective who ends up working with a
male MI6 agent Mark Verne from the UK.Ami Xi Wu Knows online book web
Set in the backdrop of bustling cosmopolitan Hong Kong
or the streets of Shenzen, Shanghai or Macau; China to the
UK and the cities of Manchester or Newcastle upon tyne;
there’s no let up on the pace.

#smiletime moments intermixed with some realistically portrayed
culture and as real as it can be transposed scenarios that WILL
have you believing you’re there breathing in the pollution to
indulging in or cursing, the culinary delights of true Chinese street food.

From the criminals to the scammers to the deep family ties the Chinese hold where outsiders can fall foul of that Chinese girl believing the western male is HER man and once she has her claws into him should he NOT reciprocate that affection, better have a stack of cash, those ‘connections’ in place or an airline ticket to hand cos those parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, cousins won’t just smash in the door to your residence to get at you for some much needed what they consider to be just payback for leading their girl on?!

Mark Verne the well built, fit, intelligent and totally ‘cool’ MI6 agent is not new to the ‘Asian’ scene.
He speaks 4 languages - English plus proficient traditional Chinese (Mandarin) plus Vietnamese, Japanese. He’s lived in Macau, central China and Vietnam not forgetting Taiwan and or Japan.
You’ll get a feel of how HE FEELS re their cultures their food their good bad or indifferent aspects that WILL have you seeing things from his perspective as a Manchester born and bred no holds barred; ambitious, persistent, forensically brilliant, uncompromising male.

Throw the smart, intelligent talented and expressive Xi Wu who speaks 5 languages including a very impressive American English not forgetting her native Chinese including several dialects from across the country AND Cantonese, into the mix and their clash of cultures with of course their
differences in how they see the emerging world, not forgetting how they investigate, uncover, respond to various scenarios beit the East or the West WILL have you hooked particularly if you love to travel to those parts ot the world OR are thinking of visiting those places.

..She was, Mark noted, not only more than proficient in the ability to more than defend herself but also though not quite as much a
beauty as his Su Lin; a looker.

It was he concluded the defining
feature that had immediately caught his attention.

Her striking dark gleaming almost hypnotic; eyes.

Ami Xi Wu Knows online book web
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